Our History

St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church has a long and rich history of ministry and service.

“Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

These words of Jesus mark the beginning of the Universal Church and in particular, the ST. MARK MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH; A realization until nineteen centuries later when a group of ex-slaves with their children purposed in their hearts to leave a spiritual heritage to prosperity;

In A. D. 1872, a group of tired but willing workers, led by the Spirit of God under the direction of Rev. H. Harris, made provisions to purchase land from Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Nelson to construct an edifice to be known as ST. MARK CHURCH and SCHOOL. Among these workers were W. H. Shelton, M. C. Moon, Louis John Wesley, Henry Clay, Perry Jefferson, and Josh Clemmons.

John Cooper and wife, Clara Williams Cooper donated land to build a school; the school was called Coopers’ School where many of our members attended. Cooper School was open from 1917 until it closed in 1954. In 1954, a new school opened in Munford, Tennessee, George R. Ellis.

In 1936 Rev. A. L. Williams became pastor and remained in that position until 1963 under his dynamic, inspired leadership the church grew to the extent of organizing a junior church. Reverend Williams acquainted the church with local and national Christian organizations and the well-remembered Singing Union organized by his wife, Mrs. Willie Mae Williams.

Reverend Williams will be long remembered as a man of visions, a singer, a farmer, a poet and a counselor. Some of the national events he carried the church through were: World War II, the Korean Uprising, the 1954 Supreme Court Decision, about which he remarked, “We are the problems on the table.”

Some of the officers serving the church under him were Harrison McDaniel, Sam Young, Robert King, Bogart Jones, John Jones, Willie Ware, Tony Webb, Sr., Sam Jones, Robert S. Strong, Clarence Nathaniel, Sr., Marceless Sneed, Sr. and Oliver Malone, Sr.

Rev. A. L. Williams, a beacon of hope and refuge for the saved and unsaved now sleeps in the bosom of his Father.

Succeeding Reverend Williams was Rev. Napolean Rodgers. His (Rev. Rodgers) reign began in 1964, a man filled with spiritual leadership and wise administration; He led the membership to purchase some frontal land from Robert and Bertha Strong located on Wilkinsville Road. In the development of his plans, a new sanctuary, an outdoors baptism pool, Sunday School classrooms and an ample parking area was leveled to accommodate the growing community.

Under the leadership of Rev. Rodgers many new and innovative ministries were added to the church calendar. The deacon board was increased with such notables as Bro. James L. (Joe) Sneed and Bro. Wilbert Peete. The Sunday School attendance became increasingly noticeable.

St. Mark can truly say that its growth was spunned duly to the efforts of this dynamic, tireless and lovable Pastor. However, in 1974 Rev. Rodgers decided to move on to a greater field of harvest with God’s blessing.

On December 15, 1974, after a long ten months search for the one to fill the pastorate of St. Mark, a strong pulpiteer came in the manner of one Rev. C. W. Waller, a man who was always looking on the positive side. His administration was characterized by an unusual calm, which led to great and grand progress. Rev. Waller can be credited with the formation of The Children’s’ Hour, the Carol Choir, the Chanting of the “Lord’s Prayer” during morning devotional, an outlined Order of Service, the revitalization of the Women Home Mission Society and the building of a cooperative family spirit among the membership.

Rev. Waller’s reign lasted until December 19, 1975, when he was summoned to rest in the bosom of his father, but St. Mark never forgot those fruitful months of service.

In late 1975 following the death of Rev. Waller, St. Mark found itself in search of another leader. Through the faithful and fervent prayers of its members, in April of 1976 the services of one Reverend Leo M. Gray, Jr., were summoned to be used in the Wilkinsville community. Reverend Gray’s pastoral career at this juncture cannot be described as nothing less than charismatic, for certainly he has prepared the hearts and minds of the people for a new awakening.

Under Pastor Gray’s ministerial leadership we began worshipping every Sunday instead of only first and third Sundays and regular weekly bible study began.

1977 The first Vacation Bible Study was established; a bus was purchased and a bus ministry was added

1978 An organ was purchased to enhance the musical program; observed our First Black History Month
Traveled to Eureka Springs, Arkansas on our first church trip

1979 Broke ground for the addition to the present sanctuary
Church trip traveled to the Martin Luther King Center of Cultural Development, Atlanta, Georgia and Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Organized the Mary E. King Scholarship Fund

1980 Dedication of the new sanctuary
Pastor Gray and the deacons established the Third Sunday Layman’s Breakfast
The Annual Christmas and Thanksgiving Services were combined with St. James C.M.E. Church, Millington, Tennessee on a rotating basis.
Introduced Friday Night fellowship during revival week
The church trip traveled to the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, and Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Georgia

1982 Church trip travel to the World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee

1983 Organized the St. Mark Church Growth and Development Committee
Designated the month of July as Youth Month

1984 Launched our first Church Homecoming Carnival

1985 Launched first Youth Retreat at Shelby Forest

1986 Opened the St. Mark Christian Day Care Center

1987 Began fifth Sunday full worship service
Traveled to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for church trip
The Institute for African American Youth opened to support academic learning and to enrich cultural awareness. The five-year grant, funded program served several communities in the Mid-South.

Under Reverend Gray’s leadership the following deacons were added to the deacon ministry: Eli Williams, Ernest Neal, Oliver Malone, Jr., Andrew Fisher and George Harris.

Reverend Gray’s ministry at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church ended in June 1992.

The magnificent growth of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church has been so fruitful with an enumeration of many accomplishments the church has continued to make progress toward the future.

Whether you believe it circumstances, along with destiny, has a way of directing our path and where we sojourn is not always ours to determine. On the 4th Sunday, the 27th day of September in 1992, an exuberant young man made his first visit to St. Mark, he left an indelible impression. It was so impressionable that on December 6, 1992, the Reverend Keith LaShun McGee was commissioned and installed as the 14th Pastor of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church. Standing on the shoulders of 13 giants and having the advantage of such a rich spiritual tradition behind him Rev. McGee’s ministry ushered St. Mark into the 21st century.

Under Pastor McGee’s ministerial leadership, deacons added to the St. Mark Church ministry were Christopher Malone, Freddie McFarland, Marcelles Sneed, Jr., David Hamilton, James Collins and Ernest Casey.

Pastor McGee expressed an unending thankfulness for the blessings in which God had bestowed upon him. He reminded members that if they only placed their hope and trust in God and followed the things God had given them to live by, success would follow. He really enjoyed challenging and inspiring people to live up to the potential for which God had called them to live. Under his leadership, sixteen additional acres of land were purchased for the future growth and development of the St. Mark M. B. Church. He envisioned plans to include a Church Family Life Center and desired for the total utilization of all the acreage and resources God had provided to the congregation of St. Mark.

The Church Trip Committee was reorganized to provide further opportunities for fellowship among members, families and friends and afford all the benefit of traveling during the summer. These church trips have become a successful annual event with great family and community participation. The committee members include: Bro. Trent McVay, Sis. Donnie McVay, Bro. Jerry Cooper, Sis. Estella Malone, Sis. Rosemary Harris, and Sis. Clarice Lewis. The annual church trips have taken us many thousands of miles from St. Mark, dating back from 1994 to this present date. The annual excursions include:

1994 – New York/New Jersey; 1995 – Washington, D.C./Baltimore, MD; 1996 – Dallas/San Antonio, TX; 1997 – New York, New York (Piscataway, NY/Lancaster, PA); 1998 – Charleston, SC; 1999 – Gulf Shores, AL: 2000 – Washington, D.C.;
2001 – Toronto, Canada/Detroit, MI; 2002 – Destin, FL; 2003 – Myrtle Beach, SC; 2004 – Chicago, IL; 2005 – San Antonio, TX;

2006 – Washington, D.C.; 2007 – Albuquerque, NM; 2008 – Destin, FL; 2009 – Charleston, SC; 2010 – Washington, D.C.;
2011 – Denver, CO; 2012 – Tampa FL; 2013 – New York, New York; 2014 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; 2015 – Minneapolis, Minnesota; 2016 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana; 2017 – Savannah, GA.; 2018 – Washington, D.C.

As we embraced the new Millennium in the year 2000, God’s blessings continued to fall upon St. Mark! Upon becoming an integral part of a growing community and growing membership the need for more space and adequate accommodations was deemed necessary. Pastor McGee was instrumental in guiding many enhancements to the church facilities and worship services. We have taken great strides in making the worship experience around St. Mark comfortable and more meaningful.

In April of 2001, the college ministry held its first Annual College Retreat in Nashville, Tennessee, wherein all college students were brought in for a full weekend of supportive seminars and leadership activities. Subsequent retreats have been in Alabama, Georgia, Atlanta, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri and Louisiana. The college retreats have included educational workshops, visiting historical landmarks and participating in community outreach.

In 2002, St. Mark, while marking its 130 years of existence continued to march on in the faith of Abraham knowing that we truly had come this far by trusting and believing in God, our builder and maker.

During this era of continued growth many important and pivotal strides were made in the history of our church.

Among the many new innovative programs and activities of 2002 was the launch of “Sunday School Month.” The entire month of September that year was filled with Christian educational activities to help promote the interest and attendance in the Sunday School Program at St. Mark. The month of this great event ended with an Awards Banquet, wherein each class was presented with special promotions, tributes, and awards. The banquet was organized by our Superintendent during that time, Sis. Stephanie Lewis.

In 2003, history records that things associated with St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church continued to grow and prosper. During that year we participated in many history-making events. The Golden Circle ministry provided the senior members an outing to see the Broadway production of the “The Lion King” at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis. The Women’s Retreat took the ladies of the church to an overnight stay in Nashville, Tennessee, where they shopped, dined, and toured various sites of the city in joyful fun, faith and fellowship.

In January 2004, the services of Reverend Julius Beasley were acquired. He became the first salaried staff minister at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church.

In November of 2005, we expanded our deacon ministry with an additional six members. Deacons added to the ministry were Willie Jean Gills, Stephanie Lewis, Ruby Godwin, Jacque Hayes-Fennell, Woodrow Holman, and Carl Lewis.

In 2007, we ordained our three associate ministers; Reverend Brenda Fayne, Reverend Romey Green and Reverend Nina Tidwell. We held our first annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend celebration. Breakfast honorees were: Mayor Willie Herenton, Herbert Hilliard and Barbara Bostick-Hunt. The holiday celebration honorees were: Dr. Barbara Duncan-Cody, W. S. (Babe) Howard and James L. “Joe” Sneed. Also, that year St. Mark’s inaugural Easter Production, “He Lives”, was written, produced and directed by our Pastor, Reverend Keith Lashun McGee.

In 2008, our second Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend celebration was observed. Breakfast honorees were: Dr. Nathan Essex, Edith Kelly-Green, William Hudson, Jr. and Reginia Watson-Jefferson. The holiday community celebration honorees were: Charles E. “Bub” Cole, Reverend Al Green, Doris Thomas Hill and Justice Janice M. Holder. This year also marked Vacation Bible School being held nightly for the first time from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Continuing our mission in 2009, the third annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration was observed. Honorees were: William O. “Billy” Brooks, Pastor Michael W. Owens, Beverly Robertson and Dr. Jane Walters. Our Annual Youth Month Celebration was enhanced with a continuation of the “Keepers of the Dream” Observance. Honorees were: Dwight Fryer, Willie Gregory, Mary Arine Jones Haynes and Attorney Camille R. McMullen.

In February of 2009, Pastor Keith L. McGee launched the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church Essay Contest. Eligible participants were students in grades 3-12. The Essay Topic: “What Does the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Mean to You?” Many students participated, and the judges selected three winners who were awarded fifty dollars each. Winners were: Michael Alston, Keith McGee, II and Taylor Payne. Also in this same year, Pastor McGee added a new ministry to enhance the worship services of St. Mark, which was simply called, “the Watch Ministry.”

In 2010, our fourth annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration was observed. Honorees were: Quincey Barlow, Dr. Shirley Raines, Marilyn Robinson, and Joyce Waters. Our Black History Celebration was enhanced with the continuation of the Keepers of the Dream Observance. Honorees were: Martha L. Beard, Rickey Fayne, Cato Johnson, Johnny B. Moore, Jr., and Bianca Sweeten M.D. The continuation of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church Essay Contest was launched using the same guidelines as in 2009. The judges selected two winners who were awarded fifty dollars each. Winners were: Maelin Harris and Keith McGee, II.
In 2011, our fifth annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration was observed. Honorees were: Anna Barbara Cavan Bernil, Dr. Robert J. Canady, Lois M. Deberry, Harold A. Middlebrook, Sr., and Mary Drew Taylor Jones. In the month of February, we celebrated our Keepers of the Dream Observance. Honorees were: Kym Clark, Dr. Charlotte Fisher, Major Quintin D. Jones, Drusilla Martin, and Lucy Shaw. The continuation of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church Essay Contest was launched using the same guidelines as in 2010. The judges selected two winners who were awarded fifty dollars each. Winners were: Kiera Richardson and Michael Alston.

On Monday, January 16, 2012, our 6th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration was observed. As our nation continues to be impacted by the words, deeds and principles of Dr. King, we here at St. Mark continue to be overwhelmed by his mountaintop experience. We continued to honor our community leaders who have dedicated their time and life’s work to follow in his footsteps. Our 2012 honorees were: Michelle Alexander-Best, Joe Birch, Katherine Flemings and John Everett Strong, Jr.

As we continue to celebrate African American History Month, we have come to the place for which our fathers died with a reminder that the struggle is still on for those who continue to carry the cross. We have those brave individuals who, with God’s guidance, have made some awesome achievements for our people and are a stern reminder that they are “Keepers of the Dream”. Our 2012 honorees were: Delois Bolden, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, Dr. Charlotte Fisher and Coach Vertis Sails, Jr., Coach of Southwest Community College. Dr. Chrisla Tidwell received our first “Dreamer of Tomorrow” award.

The year 2013 began with a special blessing placed upon St. Mark, the installation and dedication of stained glass windows which was a special gift from the Canady/Raines family. Each window represents a part of the Christian history and legacy of St. Mark. The Bible – The word of God; Alpha and Omega – God is the beginning and the end; The Dove – Love and peace; The Cross – Sacrifice; The Crown – God is authority and rule; The Commandments – Redemption; The Bread and Wine – The blood and the body of Christ; The Circles – The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

In 2013, there were new additions to the church Deacon’s Ministry: Donna K. Williams, Daveri Shipp, Jewel Gates, Walter Montgomery and Chrisla Tidwell were selected.

In the same year we celebrated our 7th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration. Our honorees included: Dr. Fred Heros, Dr. Inetta Rogers, Mr. Mark Stansbury and Ms. Nelba Thomas. Our 2013 “Keepers of the Dream” Awards were presented to the following honorees: Karla Davis, Aaron T. Ford and Attorney Edward L. Stanton, III and Shawn Boyd receiving the honor of “Dreamer of Tomorrow” award.

In 2014, the 8th Annual community celebration was held at the Millington Community Center. The keynote speaker was Pastor Dr. Alan V. Ragland of Chicago, IL. Those honored were Robert Gatewood, Esq., Elmore Nickelberry, Lori Spicer Robertson and Billy S. McCullough. Our 2014 “Keepers of the Dream” awards were presented to Thomas Wayne Selles, Deanie Parker, Attorney David E. McKinney, Dr. Shania A. McKinney, Dr. Reginald W. Coopwood and Dr. Lai Brooks.

In 2015, on our 9th Annual MLK Community Celebration was held at the Millington Community Center – Millington, Tennessee. Those honored were Attorney V. Latosha Dexter, Reverend Romey Green, Dr. Steve Stone, Sheriff J.T. “Pancho” Chumley and Attorney Linda Nettles Harris. Our African American History Keepers of the Dream honorees were Carl M. Barnes, Gail Jones Carson, Shelvie Rose, Sr. Lonnie L. Vaughn and Jerica Phillips received the honor of “Dreamer of Tomorrow” award.

On November 7, 2015, St. Mark launched its’ first 5K Walk/Run in remembrance of Johnnie P. Alston, a victim of domestic violence and a member of the St. Mark Church family. Proceeds from the walk were distributed to the Northwest Safeline Center for Domestic Violence and provided two scholarships for the graduating class of Munford High School in Munford, Tennessee. In 2016 the second walk was held with proceeds benefiting four graduating seniors from Munford High School in Munford, Tennessee.

In 2016, our 10th Annual MLK Community Celebration was held at the Millington Community Center in Millington, Tennessee. The keynote speaker was Pastor Christopher Davis of St. Paul Baptist Church of Memphis, Tennessee. Those honored were Dr. Martin Croce, Carolyn Hardy, Judge Gina Higgins, Dr. Thomas Kirchberg and Adrian Nathaniel. Our 2016 “Keepers of the Dream” awards were presented to, Taylor Eskridge, Louis C. Hayslett, Rachel Lawson and Norma A. Hines-Mason.

In the same year Associate Minister Reverend Andrew Fisher was ordained.

During Pastor McGee’s years of service he placed a strong emphasis upon the children and youth of the church. A focus on their work was emphasized through change in ministry names to reflect their mission—the children “Kingdom Builders” and the youth “Ambassadors for Christ”. We feel our youth are the best that life can offer and capable of amazing accomplishments and we consciously look for this in each and every young person that God entrusts to our care.

In April, 2016 Reverend Keith L. McGee’s ministry at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church ended.

“It is in your moments of decisions that your destiny is shaped”. Turning to the Lord Jesus Christ for guidance, the St. Mark church family began the search for a new leader. In September 2016 a charismatic and exciting preacher stepped into the pulpit.

On November 20, 2016, Reverend E. Allen Redwell, Jr., was called to be the Senior Servant of The Saint. His calling ushered in a new chapter in the history and legacy of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church on Wilkinsville Road. Pastor Redwell has embarked on this journey with faith, courage, and determination, as our 15th leader.

Under Pastor Redwell’s leadership, many amazing things have taken place. Our weekly Bible Class, called Monday Manna, has grown spiritual as well as numerically.

In our Monday Manna classes we grasp an understanding of God through an in-depth study of His Holy word.

In January 2017, we initiated our first Praise & Worship Team to take our worship experience higher in reverence to God.

We also continued our tradition of honoring the “Keepers of the Dream” Awards. The awards were presented to Mary Alice Jones, Christine Grandberry, and Rhonda F. Spencer.

On May 28, 2017, our Mother’s Ministry was reinstated after many years and is now known as “Redwell’s Rubies”. Six mothers were charged to provide guidance and leadership in all facets of our Christian walk. The six mothers are: Mother Charlotte Fisher, Mother Mary Franklin-Williams, Mother Mary Elizabeth Gates, Mother Dianne Alexander-Richey, Mother Bessie Sneed, and Mother LaToliya Smith.

St. Mark was blessed to name our first official Executive Chef, Brother Reather D. Cooper.

Several building improvements were made as well. We were blessed to upgrade our security system, an edifice face-lift, a new sound board, audio-visual equipment and an official line of St. Mark apparel. Our church now has a website, as well as a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where both members and guests can engage and be informed.

In June of 2017 our church was blessed to send twenty-three delegates to the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education in St. Louis, Missouri.

In August of 2017 our Men’s Ministry held their first BBQ Cooking Contest, as a Kick Off to our Men and Women’s Month.

In the Fall of 2017, our First Annual “Rock The Saint” Homecoming Church Carnival Celebration was held on the campus. This event bridged the gap and crossed racial lines, bringing the community together. The “Rock The Saint” carnival offered support to First Responders of Tipton County as well as the surrounding schools and decision-making bodies.

St. Mark, “The Saint”, has experienced an amazing awakening. We are a “Giving, Growing, Glowing and Going church.

In 2018, under the continued leadership of Pastor E. Allen Redwell, Jr. we have broadened our horizons with a continuous capacity for fresh ideas, skills, and spiritual growth for new and exciting ministerial work.

On January 15, 2018, we continued our tradition of our 11th Annual Community Celebration of the life, the works and the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our honorees were: Pastor Fred Bailey, Jr, Mr. Michael Scruggs, and Ms. Charlotte Smith.

On February 25, 2018, we also continued our tradition of honoring the “Keepers of the Dream” Awards. The awards were presented to the following: Brian T. Booker, Pastor Earle J. Fisher, and Georgia Maclin Lowe.

On March 4, 2018, we celebrated our Pastor & Wife Anniversary of Pastor E. Allen & Lady LaSonia Redwell, Jr. The theme: A Shepherd Sent By God: Jeremiah 3:15. Our morning speaker was Pastor James Jimerson of Faith Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. Our afternoon speaker was Pastor William McKinley Jackson of Greater Middle Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.



On April 22, 2018, we celebrated our 146th Church Anniversary. Our theme: “Growing Disciples through the Love of Christ” Anniversary Speaker: Reverend Steven Young, Pastor of Ardmore Baptist Church of Memphis, Tennessee.

May 5, 2018, The Women’s Ministry Luncheon was held at the Bartlett Station Municipal Center in Bartlett, Tennessee. Ms. Kontji Anthony was the Mistress of Ceremony. Theme: Pearls of Fashion

June, 2018 – Fourteen delegates from our church attended the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education took place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We introduced our Youth & Young Adult Choir. The Children and Youth sung praises to God during morning worship. They play an inspirational part in our opportunities for fellowship and discipleship. They also express themselves in worship every fourth Sunday.

July, 2018 – The Annual Church Trip traveled to Washington, D.C. They were able to visit the National Museum of African American History and culture.

Our Children’s Church extended an invitation to our children to celebrate their Talents Moving to the next Level for Jesus Party. The children enjoyed the fellowship of this event with food, fun, and games.

August, 2018 – St. Mark presented the “Back 2 School Jam/Cooking Contest” hosted by Comedian Stephon Smith. We gave away school supplies to the community as well as bicycles.

October, 2018 – Our 2nd Annual “Rock the Saint” Community Fall Festival was held. We implemented some added attractions such as game trucks, Horse Show, and rock climbing wall.

November, 2018 – The Annual Johnnie P. Alston 5K Walk/Run was held on Saturday, November 3rd at Munford Elementary School, 1200 McLaughlin in Munford, Tennessee.

December, 2018 – Our First Annual Holiday Gala was held to show appreciation and gratitude for services rendered by our members.

Our worship services have been greatly enhanced with the installation of our state of art multi-media project. We now have TV monitors in the sanctuary and the A. L. Williams Annex.

Our Annual Christmas Cantata was televised on Comcast Cable five times during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday.

In 2019, we continued our tradition, on January 21, 2019 our Annual Community Celebration of the life, the works and the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our honorees were: Dr. LaSimba M. Gray, Jr. and Sheriff Floyd Bonner, Jr.

February 24, 2019, we also continued our tradition of honoring the “Keepers of the Dream” Awards. The dream recipient was to: Kiara Chambers.

March 3, 2019, we celebrated our Pastor & Wife Anniversary of Pastor E. Allen & Lady LaSonia Redwell, Jr. Our guest speaker was: Pastor William McKinley Jackson, Senior Pastor, Samaria Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas.

March 24, 2019, we celebrated our Family & Friends Day. Our guest speaker was Senior Pastor Percy M. Hunter of Christ United Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee.

April 28, 2019, we celebrated our 147th Church Anniversary. Our theme: “Growing Stronger, Growing Deeper, Reaching Higher”. We were blessed by our Anniversary Speaker: Pastor W. Michael Martin, Oak Springs Baptist Church, Arlington, Tennessee.

June 23, 2019 we celebrated our Youth & Graduation Sunday. The recipients of the Johnnie P. Alston Scholarship Awards included: Shemar Johnson, Tealiyah Pierce, Kristen McCoy, Nena Parker, Amari Hayes, Ronalee Walton

July, 2019 – The Annual Church Trip traveled to Chicago, IL from July 17 thru 22.

September 28, 2019 our Leadership Symposium was held for our church ministry leaders

November, 2019 – The Annual Johnnie P. Alston 5K Walk/Run was held at Munford Elementary School, 1200 McLaughlin in Munford, Tennessee.

December, 20, 2019 – Our Annual Holiday Gala was held to show appreciation and gratitude for services rendered by our members.

January 20, 2020 we held our traditional Annual Community Celebration of the life, the works and the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our honorees were: Dr. Jayson Cannon and Patrick “Trey” Carter, III.

February 23, 2020, we continued our tradition of honoring a “Keepers of the Dream” Award. Dr. Quanesha Richardson was our dream recipient.

On March 1, 2020, we celebrated our Pastor & Wife Anniversary of Pastor E. Allen & Lady LaSonia Redwell, Jr. Our guest speaker was: Pastor William McKinley Jackson, Senior Pastor, Samaria Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas.


As we think about what the pandemic may have taught us, our churches, and our ministries, here are a few potential lessons to reflect upon.
1. We are not in control as much as we think we are. No amount of skill or training could have helped us foresee a pandemic.
2. God will allow whatever is needed to draw us closer to Him. As Creator, He longs to be in a relationship with His Creation.
3. Always be ready for God to move. We wait for instructions. When He says go, we go. When he says stay, we stay.
4. Prioritize first things first. God and His Kingdom should be of utmost importance. We must always be dependent on God.

In 2022, history records that things associated with St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church has continued to grow and prosper. The St. Mark Experience is livestreamed and shared on social media. The congregation has grown through virtual attendance of friends all over the country and throughout the world.

On March 6, 2022, we celebrated our Pastor’s Anniversary of Pastor E Allen Redwell, Jr. Our guest speaker was Pastor William McKinley Jackson, Senior Pastor, Samaria Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas.

In March 2022 the SPIRIT Memphis magazine highlighted Pastor Redwell and St. Mark. The Spirit Memphis magazine concluded that the future is looking bright for St. Mark and Reverend Redwell.

April 24, 2022, we celebrated 150 years! Our guest speaker-Reverend Dr. Errol A. Redwell, Sr. Pastor of Original Mt. Pleasant M. B. Church at Chicago, Il. “Rock The Saint” Fall Festival offered a day of community support for the for the Firsts Responders of Tipton County.

December 2022, our Fine Arts Ministry presented St. Mark’s Annual Community Christmas Cantata.

As we reflect on the rich history of our church with a deep sense of thanksgiving and remembrance from where we have come, let us look forward to the future with an abiding faith and prayers for continued guidance from a loving and faithful God.

God has truly blessed and prospered St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church from its humble beginning in 1872 through today. It is our prayer and our hope that these blessings will continue for this body of Christ as we stand and become a beacon of service to all through God. Of course, like all who follow Christ, we have weathered storms of oppositions – crossed seas of criticism – climbed mountains of doubt, but with God leading us – “nothing is impossible.”








Reverend H. Harris (Organizer) 1872 – 1884

Reverend Hardy Tate 1884 – 1894

Reverend G. S. Wainwright 1895 – 1900

Reverend Link Powell 1910 – 1915
Reverend Williamson 1917 – 1920

Reverend Cham Nathaniel 1921 – 1926

Reverend Mark Herring 1927 – 1928

Reverend John Dotts 1930 – 1932

Reverend Peter Baker 1933 – 1935

Reverend A. L. Williams 1936 – 1963

Reverend Napoleon Rodgers 1964 – 1974

Reverend C. W. Waller 1974 – 1975

Reverend Leo M. Gray 1976 – 1992

Reverend Keith L. McGee 1992 – 2016

Reverend E. Allen Redwell, Jr. 2016 – Present